MLA: Tweeting Professoriat

Amanda French
Title is too long to Tweet
“Your Twitter Followers and Facebook Friends…”

Hacking the Academy article.
@AmandaFrench on Twitter
Tweeted a link to her work.

This is a live blogging of the session.

The readers will not pay to read a published article.
In sample of tweets containing hyperlinks, 6% were citations. Of these 52% were peer-reviewed links. 48% were second-order, linking to free information.

Scholars tweeted these second-order links, because they were usable. People could see these.

July 2010 said peer-reviewed article was out.
Landing page in Project Muse.
Several friends, scholars themselves, replied with congratulations.
One person said it wasn’t at his newstand.
Poet and anthropologist said congratulations. Anthro complained that the work was not available on his library.

Broader audience which is reachable by Twitter are not going to read something else which costs them money.

Twitter and Facebook can help get a wider audience, if they are available on the web.

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