Finishing a Paper to Send to Publication

orangeusd-k12-ca-us-loving-writing1This weekend one of my goals has been/is to finish a paper for publication. I began the paper last March or so, gave it at a conference in May, and worked on it a bit throughout the summer and at the beginning of the Thanksgiving break. I need to actually get it sent out, so that’s on my agenda for the weekend.

But, of course, why write when you can read education blogs? So, I found a post by Academic Cog that so speaks to where I am and how I am and why I have been putting this off.

I spent the morning finding and rereading all of my notes-and-quotes and drafts of that one old article I never finished, and have been trying to figure out where to go from there.

It was exhausting. I think part of it is that the article is exhausting.

Yes, exactly.

However, if you keep reading, you discover that Academic Cog figured out a way out of the morass. Hopefully I will as well.

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