Intro to the Discipline of English Studies

white-guy-professor-with-goateeA while back I posted about Dr. Crazy’s intro to the majors course. She posted more on the course: how it came into being, its scope, its teachers, etc. I thought it was very interesting reading.

The description of the students and her enjoyment of them in particular made me want to go sign up to teach the course myself.

But the pleasures of this course, in just the second week of the semester, make me wonder at my wimpy colleagues. Because this is like the Best. Course. Ever. I absolutely adore it, and I adore my students, and I adore everything about introducing my students to the discipline of English (and “disciplining” them through that introduction).

It’s a class where I get to assume a level of engagement that in all of my other classes I have to bust my ass to get. It’s a class where I feel like I’m doing really important work that might help students to see options that are better than going on to graduate school in a field where there are almost no jobs, where I can show them the whole range of possibilities of ideas our discipline allows one to have and skills our discipline allows us to learn and practice.

What she writes about in this post is what makes a lot of us get excited about teaching all over again.

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