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It’s outing me that I am in Houston, but I’ve found a new blog read that I enjoy and you might too.

Indie Reader Houston is a blog by one of my colleagues who is interested in reading and writing. (Probably why she is a coworker, right?)

She has an eclectic mix of work– reviews, discussions, and points of interest in our area. I like that all of it centers around reading and writing though.

One of her reasons for starting the blog, “Houston You Are Probably Not Reading This” is a particularly interesting read to me.

I also liked On Critics and Memoirs.

[A] clerical error at the Washington Post… resulted in two reviewers covering the same concert. When they realized their mistake, they decided to run both reviews anyway. One was printed in the paper, and the other was posted to the blog. The editor invited comment on and comparison of the two reviews, which prompted a response from a composer who called both reviews out for failing to offer an actual viewpoint. One of the writers jumped in, talking about how difficult it is to write a “meaningful review in 250 words.”

He’s right. And so are the readers for being frustrated. I worry about this with every post that I write for my blog. I don’t want to be long-winded. I don’t want to ramble. I don’t want to gush.

I also liked what she had to say about memoirs and, overall, I agree with her.

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  1. I’m glad that you’ve found something you like. I’m always looking for input, so feel free to share.

    That goes for anyone who is reading this and wants to stop by, too.


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