CCTE: Once and Future World of Textbook Publishing- The Old Order Changeth

Carol Lowe, at McLennan Community College

Alfred, Lord Tennyson “The old order changeth…”

This is a live blogging of the session.

1440s the World changed. 1970s world changed again.

With the creation of the printing press:
Movable type and printing press was a revolution in learning.
Opened a doorway for change in who learned.

We are living the same kind of revolution today.

Unitarian Church in Saint Stephen’s Green, Dublin (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2010)

William Caxton… video
first printer in England
Caxton learned the techniques and brought them back.
He sat up the first printing press in English at Westminster Abbey.
In printing the English language became more standardized.
Stained glass window in the nearby church with Caxton and the press.
Another plaque in St. Margaret’s, a sculpture base outside the church.
A Canon computer printer had been left in front of the plaque.

One of the types of materials that I feel can replace textbooks, videos.

New worlds of teaching and learning can be seen.
How many teach online courses?
How many of you have means of supplementing traditional classrooms?
Libraries continue to replace hard copy with electronic materials.

“An unnamed scholar” said he finds new information and updates it online. No more print versions.
OED will no longer be printed.

Open Educational Resources also available:

British literature survey courses
No one site has yet compiled all of the needs.
What do we need?
Primary works.
Introduction sections, background information

Sources of Primary Works

Background Information

Background information is here in an enriched environment. But it is a time-consuming project to come up with all this information at one time.

Lowe’s project is trying to provide a concise, user-friendly, open source, multi-media online textbook for use in teaching sophomore-level British literature courses.
Will be hosted on the Texas website for community college teaching.

“My hope is that in addition to my basic textbook section, professors will begin to lodge their modules, so it will form a best practices.”

Two-part Project
List of resources
Textbook narrative with the primary works and discussion activities

Project Resource Examples:
British Library
Online Gallery Beowulf page- can find a sample of the mss
information about the manuscript
a podcast about the mss
description/introduction to Beowulf, reputable and credible source
Lindisfarne Gospels
Blake’s Notebook

Textbook narrative pages,
basic info
many lengths
two pictures
(looks like a page in a book)

Find her page and her work. Get her email for the whole presentation.

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