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In my department one of the core curriculum courses is Humanities. Many English professors teach this as another literature course, but that is not my goal. I want to teach the art, architecture, dance, music, history, and literature of the world. I think my students are getting a solid introduction that they really need to the basics of the humanities.

One of the topics I am working on for next week is the Bayeux Tapestry. The fact that this is coming up is what really had me paying attention to a recent blog post.

Hwaet? wants to know all about the Bayeux Tapestry for a class s/he is going to be teaching and the commenters have left some interesting information and good resources.

I am sure my students would love the sexuality aspects of the tapestry and I may end up introducing that myself if I can find some good pictures to illustrate the points.

In the post, the author of Hwaet begins:

I know the basics at this point; history of the Norman conquest, not it isn’t really a tapestry but embroidery, Latin, only a few people named, very few women depicted, end of tapestry missing etc.

What is most interesting to me at this point are the borders. I have read so far that they depict Aesops fables, some other medieval folktales, sometimes seem to be related to the story, sometime not. May signify dissent of those who made tapestry and disagreed with the way this history was recorded etc. I have found several interesting sites, articles and mention of books. Any recommended resources, ones I should not miss?

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