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I got a new iPad. Well, really, I got the old iPad when someone upgraded to the iPad2.

I don’t really know what to do with it. So I thought I would check out folks writing about it.

Turns out that #ipad actually works on Twitter.

And on the CHE fora, which I confess to being addicted to, there is an entire thread (though only two pages long presently) on iPad apps that are good. (attf= according to the forumites)

So, from the fora, with my own notes, the good iPad apps:

  • Keynote (Yes, it is good for Macs. I assume for iPad too.)
  • Pages (Husband loves it.)
  • Kindle app (Yes. Husband says superb. Already loaded. So I can use one device instead of two.)
  • Attendance (Don’t know anything about it. Gonna check it out.)
  • IMDB (Husband has this on both phone and iPad. He’s a big movie dude.)
  • Weather Channel (I wondered if this is an app, but must be since husband has it.)
  • Netflix (No. Nothing would make me want to watch movies. No.)
  • Dropbox (Haven’t used it before, but definitely a good idea. Going to think about it.)
  • Goodreader (attf PDF reader)
  • iAnnotate (attf PDF reader)
  • PDF Expert (attf PDF reader, some say way better than Goodreader)
  • Dragon Dictate (attf shockingly good voice writer)
  • NoteTaker (attf half the price of Keynote and does all that)
  • PenUltimate (attf both this and NoteTaker work better with a stylus)
  • Calculator (need that, yes)
  • iSleep Sphere (attf for making white noise)
  • Simply Noise (attf simpler white noise)
  • FreeAppADay (attf it lets you get one for free that is normally $)
  • Reeder (attf syncs with Google Reads and lets you get your blogs)
  • 2Do (attf great to-do list that syncs)
  • Simplenote
  • Instapaper
  • (a news app)

  • Papers (attf to carry around and manage PDF library)
  • Evernote (good clipping and note taking- husband uses all time)
  • SG Project Pro (attf good way to manage projects, make Gantt charts, those w/out software can still read schedule)

Attf I need a screen protector, but hubby says the case that my iPad is in will work just as well. Which is good because then I don’t have to buy anything else.

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