Reading Isn’t Fun?

The Tempered Radical writes a post called Maybe Reading Isn’t Fun. It’s very articulate.

And it starts off, much as I would, insulted at the idea that reading isn’t fun.

A friend of mine who teaches in a high poverty school dropped me a really discouraging email today.

She told me that a training specialist assigned to her school had dropped in to one of their faculty’s vertical articulation meetings to offer feedback on the school’s attempts to integrate annotation into their reading instruction.

Her message was less than inspirational, though. Here’s the most disturbing quote:

“I tell kids this is not fun…This is work, and most of the reading you’ll do in life will not be for fun.”

My first reaction was to load up the digital bazooka and blaze this woman.

Interesting ideas on annotating texts, too.

4 thoughts on “Reading Isn’t Fun?”

  1. Hey–I really like “the Tempered Radical.” Maybe composed for flute and tympani by Bach when he really let his hair down.

  2. I checked; this one is the Tempered Radical, not the Tenured Radical. I guess I’m reading too many radical blogs. 😉

  3. Nah. I thought it was funny, when I didn’t realize you thought the name was wrong. I can so see Bach… Wonder if we know a musician who would put it together for us.

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