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The following message is about the Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH) mentoring and jobs activities at DH2011 at Stanford.

The ACH is committed to promoting the growth and strength of the digital humanities community. We are especially keen to provide guidance and opportunities to newer members of the community. In particular, we have the following three initiatives during DH2011 that are open to all members of ADHO associations (ACH, ALLC, SDH/SEMI):


Are you on the job market? Are you looking for general career advice in the Digital Humanities? Do you have valuable career advice to give? If so, we hope you’ll consider participating in one of our mentoring initiatives. Here are some of the objectives of the mentoring programme.

* have new-comers to digital humanities meet more established professionals
* allow broader networking between digital humanists
* provide professional guidance about jobs and careers
* provide additional discipline-specific advice

If you’d like to participate in the mentoring programme as a potential mentor or mentee, please send the following information to the email address at the end of this message:

– are you a potential mentor or mentee?
– what are your areas of expertise and experience
– if you’re a mentee:
– what would you value most from a mentor?
– is there anyone specific you have in mind as a mentor?

Please note that if you’ve volunteered in the past as a mentor you don’t need to contact me again unless you wish to opt-out.

2) ACH MENTORING MIXER (time and location to be announced)

This is a very casual outing where all mentors and mentees are invited to a local pub or bar to chat with one another. The first round of refreshments is offered by the ACH. We will provide more details on this event as we approach DH2011.

3) JOBS SLAM – at the ACH Annual General Meeting

During the AGM we will have an opportunity for people currently or imminently on the job market to introduce themselves to digital humanities colleagues and potential employers. As well, there will be an opportunity for employers to present jobs that are currently advertised or about to be announced. Each spoken presentation is limited to 30 seconds. This year we’re also encouraging advocates to speak (more flatteringly) on behalf of job seekers, if possible and when desired.

If you’re looking for a job or if you have a job to offer (staff or faculty), please send the following information to the email address at the end of this message:

* your name, affiliation and basic contact information
* your discipline or the discipline of your job
* a link to other information, if available

If you’re interested in any or all of the above, please email me (sgs at the domain or tweet me (@sgsinclair).

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