Why Your Website Sucks

A quarter of prospective students decide not to apply to a college because of a bad experience on the college’s Web site.

That’s the money quote from a Chronicle article on colleges rehabbing their websites.

While not relevant to my CC, since everyone who comes there comes because it is close, easy to get in, and cheap, this information should be relevant to lots of other people.

I would think that not only does the school website have to be well done, but departmental websites matter too. We need updated pics, lists of relevant work the profs are doing, and, if there is a blog, the blog needs to be maintained and updated.

This is a point of information that is still cutting edge, even while most of us find internet surfing ubiquitous and even old fogies like me have developed expertise in cyber-crafting of work, persona, and presence.

My husband will be presenting at the national EMT conference on Why Your Website Sucks… Maybe I’ll upload his stuff here for everyone else who is not in emergency medicine to take advantage of. Gotta wait till after Vegas, though. (September maybe.)

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