CFP: Chapters on Creative Writing Pedagogies

An invaluable resource to graduate students and instructors of composition, Tate, Rupiper, and Schick’s A Guide to Composition Pedagogies, points to the critical need in Creative Writing Studies for an equally in-depth discussion of pedagogy.

That’s why we seek essays for our proposed edited collection with the working title of A Guide to Creative Writing Pedagogies which explore current and future creative writing instruction through the lens of a single writing pedagogy.

We are interested in essays which engage readers by compiling existent scholarship on a particular creative writing pedagogy and discuss personal experience with the pedagogy, as well as suggesting possible future extensions of the pedagogy inside Creative Writing Studies. Essays could utilize scholarship from both Composition and Creative Writing Studies. We recognize that the field of Creative Writing Studies has a long way to go before it is as pedagogically honed as Composition Studies, and we hope that this collection will help instructors and graduate students advance creative writing in the twenty-first century. In a nutshell, essays should explore what the field of creative writing would look like when shaped and steered by a particular pedagogy, mentioning theoretical and classroom implications.

We have commitments from high-profile scholars to write chapters on the following topics: process pedagogy, rhetorical pedagogy, collaborative pedagogy, international pedagogies, critical pedagogy, WAC pedagogy, and commercial pedagogy.

We still seek chapter proposals on the following topics: expressivist pedagogy, feminist pedagogy, cultural studies and creative writing, community-service pedagogy, basic writing pedagogy, writing center pedagogy, holistic pedagogy, and technology and the teaching of creative writing. Note that we are also open to consider chapters not developed in Composition Studies and are instead ones designed entirely for creative writing.

Submit a proposal of approximately 50-150 words.

Important Deadlines:
June 15, 2011: Proposal Submission Deadline
July 15, 2011: Notification about Proposal at which time we will submit the proposal to a publisher.
One Month After Book Acceptance: Draft of Full Chapter

Inquiries and submissions should be sent to Tom C. Hunley at and Alexandria Peary at

One thought on “CFP: Chapters on Creative Writing Pedagogies”

  1. I have to say, after reading this, it seems at cross purposes with what CRWT really is at heart. True confession: I have an MFA in Creative Writing, and a similarly titled undergrad degree. Why both? I intended to major in English but fled the English Department’s rhetoric, their jargonistic speech, and their desire to “codify” everything. I wonder if this new call will attract Creative Writers teachers (with accompanying degrees) or only more Englishy types? Just thinking out loud here.

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