The Netflix Effect

The Chronicle has an article which caught my attention. The Netflix Effect: When Technology Chooses Students’ Courses says that Austin Peay U has used the info already in its databases to help students find courses which they need and where they will be successful. I think that would be very interesting.

I worry sometimes about my teaching. My developmental classes have dropped over 50% (not uncommon, but still problematic). My Brit Lit course only has two fewer students than when it started, but my HUMA 1301, which I think is fairly easy, has lost 10 of the 27 students.

The HUMA course was a late add and that tends to lose people, so maybe it’s not all about me.

But I look at my students, and my work, and I wonder if I can do something to help my students succeed that I am not already doing. I don’t know.

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