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Tempered Radical talked about technology choices…

One of the questions that I’m asked all the time is, “Bill, how do you decide what technology you’re going to integrate into your classroom?”

My first reaction to this question is always to breathe a sigh of relief simply because far, far too many educators—teachers, principals, school leaders—make haphazard choices about technology integration, wasting our already limited time and money in the process.

To know that audiences are starting to think more systematically about the tools and the technologies that they embrace is a relief!

Then he answers the question.

Well worth reading.

What do you use to determine when you integrate technology into your classroom?

2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Technology”

  1. Those are all good points. I’ve never thought about the learning curve with tech aspect, which might explain a lot about some of my experiences.

    I look at how apt it is for the work I want us to do, whether it will either teach them something better or in a new way (to possibly reach different students), and how easily/reliably it can be accessed by the class as individuals at home and in the classroom environment.

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