Hemingway Collection

Hemingway Document Preservation Project.

In June 2008 the SSRC’s Working Group on Cuba completed a collaborative project between the United States and Cuba to preserve and reformat the papers of Ernest Hemingway housed at the Hemingway Museum at Finca Vigía, the Nobel Prize winning author’s former residence outside of Havana. The collection contains some 2,000 letters as well as draft fragments of Hemingway’s novels and stories–including the beginning of a rejected epilogue to For Whom the Bell Tolls and handwritten pages of earlier versions of the novel. A digitized version of the papers is now available in Cuba and at the JFK Library in Boston, Massachusetts.

One thought on “Hemingway Collection”

  1. This is good to know. We’re starting a summer study abroad program in Cuba. I love archives and, while I’m no Hemmingway expert, I think this would be fantastic course: studying Hemmingway where he wrote his work, looking at letters and drafts.

    I’m getting all excited just thinking about it!

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