Visual Wealth

I listened to a TEDTalk video by Marian Bantjes, a graphic artist, who used her work as a backdrop for her talk.

[O]ne of the things religions got right was the use of visual wonder to deliver a message.

I am mystified as to why visual wealth is not more commonly used to enhance intellectual wealth.

seeding the imagination of the populace

Inspiration is cross-pollinating.

And I think that this is something that would be interesting to insert/discuss/show with a section on visual communication, particularly in technical communication, but perhaps at any time I am teaching visual rhetoric.

The images are just two of the hundreds that she showed and in no way are indicative of the style or presentation of all or even most of her graphic work. They are, however, two in a row at the end, when I had decided to blog, and they are especially beautiful to me, a lover of jewel tones.

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