A thank you note from a student…

This was a wonderful student who worked very hard to come from below college writing to succeed in my class. She is now on level and I believe that she will continue to succeed in the goals she sets for herself.

Thank you for what you taught me. I took a lot for granted in high school and when I first went to college but you reminded me so much of my mother (she is a Journalism Graduate)……..you pushed me where I thought I wouldn’t go and I really did learn alot from you. I really did not know what a thesis was until I was in your class; my teachers in high school never taught me this. Maybe students don’t tell you this or maybe they do but I will say it again just in case…..you are a great teacher and I hope to see you again when I have to take more electives and if not; you have forever made a footstep in my life.

Again, thank you for caring and teaching us who want to learn a method that cannot be taken away…..writing.

These are the kinds of notes you want to read every day.

One thought on “A thank you note from a student…”

  1. I know I make a difference because I can see it in their improved skill set and their deepened thought, but it’s nice when they recognize it by commenting. I do get the verbal comments, but the students who take the time to write an email, well, they are rare. I had a remedial student — sentence building class — who wrote to me about the confidence she gained. That was years ago, but I still remember. I do appreciate feedback, but I’m more interested in the metacognitive process. How nice for this student to associate you with a “footstep in…life.”

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