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EnglishTA is going to be blogging his experience with a brand new teaching assistantship in warm climes.

Even if he didn’t understand the point of “teaching heavy” (in this post), it will be an interesting experience.

Since he appears to have no commenting ability enabled, I will respond here.

Dear John:
I did not apply to R1 schools to work as I am a teacher, not primarily a researcher. Thus, your negative response to teaching heavy relates more to your experience with your professor than to my post.

What I was saying is that 200+ people applied to a position which is often looked down on by the academic community (since it is teaching heavy, which requires an incredible time commitment–especially in composition), which, I would expect, means that 1000s applied to the one or two SLAC, R2, and R1 jobs that were posted in my city.

Anyone who reads this blog for very long knows I love my students and my teaching. But they also know that I have experienced the discrimination against teaching in the academy.

I, too, taught high school. Yes, I prefer college teaching to that. However, it is not because it is easier, but because I have more control over my classroom and (as you mentioned) don’t usually have to deal with parents. (Let’s just say that ambassadors, state senators, etc, can get administration to override even FERPA. Though I won’t do it, I am required to give the info to admin who then does it themselves.)

I’ve taught 6/6/3, so I think I should be able to speak about teaching heavy without being the bad guy.

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