What is Writing?

“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.” — Isaac Asimov

Yes, yes, yes.

For me, too.

That’s why there is paper everywhere and I often transfer paper writing to the computer.

Typing keys (while useful, helpful, fast, and efficient) is not the same. I must write. You may call me medieval if you must, though I do consider that a compliment you know, but I need to slide a pen across paper for my thoughts to get out of my head and into the rest of the world.

One thought on “What is Writing?”

  1. I, too, enjoy writing long-hand. I also find there’s a huge difference if one revises long-hand or on a word processor. The long-handed revision seems more intense and more economical because if I’m expending so many ergs, I really, really want all that energy to count. Word processing is fine, though, for that final wax and buffing.

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