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Got an email from a colleague who is working with at-risk students at her college on reading and writing strategies. Does anyone have a book or article they have found particularly helpful to recommend to her?

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  1. I found these books extremely helpful when I was teaching a developmental writing course to at-risk students:

    1. Attending to the Margins: Writing, Researching, and Teaching on the Front Lines (

    2. It’s Not Like That Here: Teaching Academic Writing and Reading to Novice Writers ( *

    3. Writing in an Alien World: Basic Writing and the Struggle for Equality in Higher Education (

    * If she gets just one I’d recommend this one. It’s fantastic and I find myself returning to it again and again.

    Best of luck to your colleague!

    Janah R. Adams

  2. I recommend Writing Better: Effective Strategies For Teaching Students With Learning Difficulties by Graham and Harris. It’s probably an odd choice, since most of the material is based on studies with middle school students with learning problems, but I’ve found everything they suggest works with my “problemless” college students. My experience: I also have essentially the same info in a view on Amazon:

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