Celebrating Libraries

When Troy, Michigan opened its first public library in 1971 (! What took them so long?), the librarian asked famous people to write the students letters. These came from important folks in government and two children’s authors, Dr. Seuss and E. B. White. I particularly like Dr. Seuss’s letter, though White’s is more developed.

My brother and I were much encouraged to read by our North Carolina library. (When we went to school in Charlotte, the library and church were the only safe places. I think it is still that way.)

When my family lived in several different places we were unable to access the library because of being outside a library’s taxing area. Even when we purchased rights to those libraries, they were small and limited in value.

Still, I appreciate and applaud libraries for making books available to people who would not be able to purchase reading materials on their own. For many people libraries are a safe place, a growing place. I am so grateful for libraries.

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