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I read an informative post at the National Education Association’s website on Basically, it said that anyone (or at least any educated person) can write a grant and most people can get funding for their projects if they think them through ahead of time.

While the article primarily engages K-12 teachers, I think college instructors and professors who have not previously been involved with grants could gain helpful insights.

I particularly liked this paragraph. It made me smile.

Keep the writing simple
It’s a grant proposal, not a doctoral thesis. This is where many folks get hung up. “A grant should not sound like chemistry,” says Graytock. While it’s important to follow the grantee’s instructions, few will want a 25-page dissertation. Keeping it simple starts with the abstract or objective. For the grants that he reviews, Graytock wants a two- or three-sentence summary of the project. Then lay out the specifics of the program in bullet points. Don’t try to compete with J.K. Rowling on page count.

You know times have changed. It used to be that someone would have said War and Peace for page count in the upper stratosphere, not Harry Potter.

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