Hrothgar’s Playlist

Hrothgar’s Playlist is an assignment one of my colleagues has come up with for Brit Lit I. I like it and will be adopting/adapting it for my class. I haven’t actually seen his assignment, just heard someone else talk about it, so I may change it up, but here is what I have so far.

Hrothgar’s Playlist
Choose a character whom we have read about this semester. Find ten appropriate songs for this particular character. Attach the MP3 files or links to the songs online. Attach the lyrics. Write an essay explaining why you picked the songs you did and/or how those songs apply to the character.

Extra credit, minor: Find ten images which express something about the character and explain in a paragraph each how the images are related to the character.
Extra credit, major: Create a digital story (audio and visual) using lines from the songs to tell about this character. (There you will have the original playlist plus the images, plus a title, introduction, discussion, reflection, etc.)

Apparently this is a very popular assignment and I think it could be a great final assignment.

I am going to introduce Hrothgar’s playlist with this commercial: Stethoscope.

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