Google Analytics: The Numbers are Mostly Up

creating and maintaining a professional blog, which, according to Google Analytics, in the last year had
63,206 visitors
75,118 visits
131,350 pageviews

I wrote this in February for my New Media Experience post.

Today I thought I would check Google Analytics for the last year for TCE. It says:
106,691 visitors
124,868 visits
194,394 pageviews

So almost twice as many visitors and twice as many visits, but only 50% more pageviews. (Okay, that’s very round estimation. I’ll call my actuary son for more complete math later.)

TCE has had 8.5% less visitors this month than last. I’m guessing that is because school has been mostly out. Snape as Byronic Hero has had 2000+ visits… I can’t believe that many people are looking for that, but it was a very interesting presentation.

Still, it does mean that TCE is getting quite a bit of traffic.

Also, the website I put up for my old college had 200+ hits and has not had any content added since April when I gave notice.

Which reminds me, I promised to get the website for a conference together. Hmm. Must finish chapter first.

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