How to Have Students Register on a Blog

I told my 9:30 students to not use their full names on the blog when they registered. I don’t want to help other folks search them out if they don’t want to be found.

However, after reading 5 Reasons Why Our Students Are Writing Blogs and Creating ePortfolios and knowing that our students will also have ePortfolios, I wonder if I should 1) have done so or 2) offer everyone the opportunity to write under their own name.

I guess I’m going to go with number 2 after I talk about the fact that people who are employing them in ten years might be looking at this stuff.

The interesting thing is that I am planning on encouraging the graduate students to write and publish online under their own names. However, graduate students and freshmen maturity levels are often exceedingly different. I think I will offer them a choice.

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