Evaluating Videos: Ideas for Teaching

I am putting together a list of videos to watch when we are doing Evaluating Videos in class. There is an excellent one in this live blogging of PCAACA SWTX from 2009. It’s Cinderella and there is a significant disconnect between the words and the images. Don’t know if the video is too racy, but it’s a good example to look at.

Exceptional, Innovative, and Real. I have taught this one in a class in a way that worked very well. I could easily repeat it. Also, it makes it interesting for the students since it is from where I teach now. However, it does not always tell the ways in which the experience is exceptional. For instance, how many university freshmen have most or all of their professors with PhDs? Not very many. Yet ours do. And the school thinks that is so “duh” that they don’t even mention it.

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