What Do TT Profs Talk About?

Karen Kelsky wrote about How to Talk Like a Professor in her article Dissertation Limits

Here is a partial list: They talk about journal articles and the frustrations of long journal response times. They talk about conferences and the frustrations of getting the paper done in time. They talk about grants and the frustrations of institutional review boards. They talk about teaching and the frustrations of apathetic students. They talk about graduate students and the frustrations of inadequate TA funding. They talk about their large courses and the frustrations of dealing with the dean. They talk about parking and the frustrations of the football program.

One thought on “What Do TT Profs Talk About?”

  1. And they talk about much fun it is to teach engaged students and how much they love their jobs, even though they are exhausted by the conference papers and journal articles and committee meetings and all the other “stuff” that goes with the opportunity to teach a subject they love.

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