CFP: Popular Culture CFPs

Having already maxed out my own and the department’s monies, I have also asked for an extension of my college’s and uni’s money. So I don’t think I can really afford to apply to another national conference and figure out how to go to Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association in Boston in April.

If I could though, these are some of the CFPs I would be working on:
Mythology in Contemporary Culture Using a couple of different sci fi and fantasy authors.
Fairy Tales area Using popular fantasy authors’ retellings of various fairy tales.
Civil War Taking advantage of the research I did for my chapter in the Routledge book.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Don’t know what I would do on this. Talk about presentations of Christianity? Class and hierarchies with the werewolf/shapeshifter novels of various fantasy authors? Mythology narratives?
Vampire Different vampire mythos: Sookie, Mercy Thompson, Kate Daniels…

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