How to Use Twitter as an Academic

Bishop Blog has a Gentle Introduction to Twitter for Academics.

I am already on Twitter, but I think this would have been a very helpful post before I got on this last time. I was still somewhat at a loss to know what I should be doing it and how it would help me, but I intuitively thought that it would.

While I am not a big tweeter, I do have dozens of followers on Twitter. Why? Probably because other people have tweeted my stuff or retweeted it and then I’ve gotten followers from those tweets.

Here is what non-Twitter users need to know and may not about academic use of the very shortened social media Twitter:

This is where Twitter is such a useful resource for the academic: if you follow those who share your academic interests, they will point you to interesting stuff. When I first joined up I was impressed to find that within the first few days, I’d been directed to two new papers in my field that were very relevant to my work and that I hadn’t known about.

This is very useful. I’ve found lots of stuff I needed to by following @readywriting. I have also found other people to follow based on information I am interested in, such as #fycchat or #highered. (These are hashtags which link to anything on the topic that tweeters have so marked.)

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