Something New in Conferences

I have presented 33 conference presentations in the last three years. But I’ve learned a new term: “lightning shorts.”

Apparently “lightning shorts” are the humanities equivalent of the social science poster presentation.

The Digital Humanities Caucus of the XXX solicits conference attendees to present their newest digital projects or related work in “lightning shorts”. These 3-5 minute presentations, held XXX from 10-11:45 am at the annual conference at the XXX, allow any attendee to present their on-going or completed work in the digital humanities, receive community feedback, and participate in a culminating discussion of issues raised by the presentations.

We are seeking participants to offer lightning talks related to current projects, papers, proposals, publishing, teaching, or related activities: just about anything digital in XXX. We want to know what you’re working on–but briefly! There’s no need to write a mini-paper. Extempore speaking from PowerPoint slides, a Web site, or your own memory are all encouraged. We will have a computer/projector in the room with PowerPoint loaded and live Internet access available.

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