Reading Assignment Idea

Students create quizzes:
If you have reading assignments for a course you teach in multiple classes, why not have the homework be that the students create a quiz? Have them turn in one copy of the quiz that is “clean” and one copy with the answers. Then give the classes the other group’s quizzes.

Classes create quizzes:
Or have the class as a whole create a quiz from the individual ones and then exchange the quizzes between classes.

You might want to limit the type of questions they can use, but I can see where this could really help them think about the reading.

We’re having four readings that are the subject of our final. I may use this idea as a reading quiz.

Creator gets own quiz:
Or you could give the quiz to the person who created it (without the answers) the next class period and see how they do.

Best quizzes get bonuses:
Another idea based on this would be to have all the students turn in clean and answered quizzes. Give them credit for that as long as they meet your criteria (whatever that was). However, let them know ahead of time that you are going to choose the best (not necessarily hardest) three or four or however many quizzes and use those in a class. Then give bonus points (20-50) to the people who created the best quizzes.

If all the quizzes are lousy, then you can take the best questions and only give a few (2-5) points for each question you use.

One thought on “Reading Assignment Idea”

  1. An excellent idea!

    I’m in the midst of a career change, which has involved taking some classes online through the local community college. In the best of these (an intro chemistry course), one of the course requirements involved writing quiz questions for each module. At the beginning of the semester, the instructor explained Bloom’s taxonomy, and assigned everyone different sections of each module to cover in their quiz questions, which had to address several different Bloom’s levels. We had to do a draft of each question set (3 questions) and then revise it based on his feedback (usually delivered via a Jing video). The questions went into his question bank, and didn’t always show up on the particular online quiz at the end of the module. I found this to be an excellent learning tool (and harder than I would have anticipated).

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