3 How To’s for Blogging, Blogs

I often find sites with posts that seem particularly relevant to blogging. For some reason, I generally find them when I am incredibly busy. So here are some sites that I am going back to, in case you want to go too.

The Value of Data Visualization, explained, with a few additional links to important information on other sites, such as 5 Steps to Create a Powerful Visual from SpyreStudios.com.

How to Create a Blog that People Actually Read from SellOutYourSoul.com. As a teaser, the first two points are:

#1 Write a good title
You have to write a good title for every post. Not just for humans. But also for search engines because humans use search engines to find content. That’s how most of you ended up here, right?

#2 Shut up and think
Dan Wieden says “if you can’t write something startling don’t write anything at all.” So don’t write 10 blog posts a week because you think your readers are waiting for some new content. If you don’t have any good to say, don’t post. One great post can make you famous. And ten bland ones just confirms what we all suspected: you are a hack like the rest of us. Edit yourself so that you only publish gold.

Search Engine Optimization, a sample chapter, which discusses keyword searches and grammar.

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