Visual Persuasion

A two-fer. Two useful posts/pages from Tempered Radical.

These are important for my classes, both FYC and Business Writing. So I thought they might be relevant for you too.

First, Visual Persuasion resources, links, and information.

Then, PowerPoint can be better. 5 Tips for Creating PP Slides that Won’t Bore Your Audience

However, with the proverb “A word to the wise is sufficient” in mind, I will quote Presentation Zen:

One thing we need to constantly remind ourselves is that slides and other forms of projected visualization—no matter how “cool” they may be—are not appropriate for every context. Multimedia is great for presentations before large groups such as keynote addresses or conference presentations, but in meetings where you want to actively discuss issues or go over details in depth, slides—especially the snooze-inducing bulletpoint variety, which are never a good idea—are almost always counter productive.

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