Thinking about positives…

Other notes from The Progress Principle.

“even in tough circumstances, it makes sense to take strategic measures to keep their workers creatively and productively engaged” (Amabile and Kramer 1118 of 4703).

creativity and productivity lead to positive inner work life and positive inner work life leads to creativity and productivity (aka the progress loop) (1153 of 4703)

“design each job so that… people gain knowledge about the results of their effort” (1383 of 4703) because feedback is good and feedback from the work itself is best

Progress is the most important positive trigger.
If you feel that you are making progress, you are happier about the work and so make more progress.

Video games feature progress bars… (1454 of 4703)…
What if classes had progress bars? You would have to know approximately how many assignments there were.

Work is “simply part of being human” (1486 of 4703).

“The effect of setbacks on emotions is stronger than the effect of progress. … [T]he effect of setbacks is not only opposite… it is greater. The power of setbacks to diminish happiness is more than twice as strong as the power of progress to boost happiness.

Small losses can overwhelm small wins” (1531 of 4703).
I thought they said earlier that progress was the strongest principle. Why would setbacks overwhelm progress?

“Consistent daily progress by individual employees fuels both the success of the organization and the quality of those employees’ inner work lives” (1671 of 4703).

“Having clear goals orients people as they approach any job” (1704 of 4703).

Progress is first (of the positives?).

Catalysts (support) are second. Here is the list of what teachers should be doing:
1. Setting clear goals.
2. Allowing autonomy.
3. Providing resources.
4. Giving enough time–but not too much.
5. Help with the work.
6. Learning from problems and successes.
7. Allowing ideas to flow. (1776 of 4703)

Something for administrators to consider:
“Three main climate forces shape the specific catalyst and inhibitor events that occur inside an organization” (1818 of 4703)
consideration for people and their ideas
communication (1826)

Sometimes administration needs a clue bat. Just saying.

1. respect (2237 of 4703)
2. encouragement
3. emotional support
4. affiliation

“show the team how to learn from failure” (2769 of 4703)
This is something that I would like to learn how to do better. I think it is something that Mikee does well.

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