CFPs I am interested in

I really need to get writing again. So I am posting CFPs I saw that looked interesting.

Fairy Tale Collection of Essays, due June 1.

Interested writers should submit a two-page synopsis of their proposed chapter that clearly indicates:
• The research question
• The methodology or theoretical lens
• The findings
• A bibliography of at least 5 sources

Swords, Sorcery, Scandals, and Space, proposals are due by Sept. 30, 2012. The conference is next summer at University of Liverpool.

We invite proposals for papers (20 minutes plus discussion) or themed panels of three or four papers from a wide range of disciplines (including Science Fiction, Classical Reception and Literature), from academics, students, fans, and anyone else interested, on any aspect of the interaction between the Classical world of Greece and Rome (including post-Roman Britain and the Byzantine empire) and science fiction, fantasy and horror. We are looking for papers on Classical elements in modern (post-1800) examples of the Fantastika, and on science fictional or fantas¬tic elements in Classical literature. We are particularly interested in papers addressing literary science fiction or fantasy, where we feel investigations of the interaction with the ancient world are relatively rare. But we also welcome papers on film, television, radio, comics, games, or fan culture.

Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, deadline for this call was today, but they are open for articles.

The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy is now accepting submissions of articles, webtexts, or other digital formats that report and reflect on new uses of technology in teaching, learning, or research.

Work received by May 15, 2012 will be peer-reviewed for possible publication in our upcoming Fall 2012 issue.

In addition, we always welcome contributions to our rolling sections: Teaching FAILs (where you help others learn from your mistakes), Assignments, Book Reviews, and Tool Tips (reviews and advice on applying particular technologies).

Teaching College-Level Literature, a Resource Guide. This is an online resource that is being created. Is this an actual work in progress? It seems like an interesting way to get links.

Possible contributions include but are not limited to:
Reviews of books, blogs and other resources
Personal essays
Sample Assignments and syllabi
Course design and planning
Incorporating technology successfully
Hints and advice
Suggestions for links

Deadline: July 15 for consideration for the initial launch of the site; on-going project, so contributions after that date will also be welcome. Please include a brief bio and contact info.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the CFP. Yes, “Teaching College-Level Literature: A Resource Guide” is an actual work in progress—I posted an updated CFP on the UPenn list with an extension to Sept. 15 for submissions . I’d be glad to answer any questions; this project grew out of a grad class I designed and taught for our M.A. students last year (“Approaches to Teaching College-Level Literature”). My email is

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