Cultural Experience Papers

Experience of cultural events paper
The first is due March 22.
The second is due April 26.

You must attend two designated or recommended cultural events outside of those which the whole class attends. You must submit a written critique–at least two typed, double-spaced pages in length–for each event.

The first page should have the MLA style heading on the left hand side of the page: Name / Dr. Davis / HUMA 1301 7-9 / due date

The second page should have your last name / 2 in the upper right hand
corner. This may be written in black ink if you do not know how to get the computer to do it.

This is an essay. Essays have three main sections: introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • Introductions include when and where the cultural experience took place: museum, gallery, concert hall; titles and names of the event/activity/works of art; creator of that art; performers; historical significance; and points of interest.
  • The main body discusses individual works, including: technical aspects; comparisons and contrasts, within the framework of the event; and observations. Relate the experience to what you have learned within the course.
  • Conclusions bring all to a close with logical arguments and personal impressions; it is an excellent time to state likes and dislikes.

Criteria considered in evaluating papers includes:

  • use of background material and course terminology,
  • presentation,
  • expression of opinion and personal involvement, and
  • creativity.

It is traditional to validate the report by attaching programs, museum brochures and/or tickets or receipts.

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