HUMA Homework example.

Good job on the modern cave paintings! Most of you had excellent pictures of the modern equivalent of cave paintings. The chalk drawings were absolutely amazing, Ruben! And I liked the zoo art, too, ladies.

Please read the homework directions carefully.

Go to Aesop’s Fables and use their search engine to search for a fable we didn’t read. A list of these is available at UMass’ website. (They have versions as well, but they are not labeled as clearly.)

The version you choose should be labeled as “General Fable collection” underneath the title. (Don’t use an Ambrose Bierce or Hans Christian Andersen version for this homework. Although those can be very good, one is American and one is Danish. We’re still doing Greek.) Not all of these will be Aesop’s; we don’t really know which are his because he didn’t write any down. But as long as you choose one from the General Fable collection, it will count.

In your comment, copy and paste the text of the fable. Give the link for the story you read. Then add two links which show illustrations of this fable.

An example of what I am looking for is in the first comment.

(If you understand HTML markup, you can use it. I will explain it before next time and you will be required to use it in the homework.)

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