You need to read poetry.

Yes, it may be self-promotion (talking to you, @readywriting), but it is great stuff, nonetheless.

Garbanzo is coming out in author editions this week. I am so excited! I get to be one of those to receive one of the 304 and 6/10s books. Yes, they made a 6/10s book (or thereabouts). I wanted it, but it is going into museum space.

You should definitely go surf the website and read at the parent website, too.


Poet biographies, a disclaimer:

Biographies will be odd, authentic, but obscure. The assignment was to take a list of words and create a community biography of sorts.

Here is mine:

@DrDavisTCE , celebrating life on an island with her husband and two other best friends, used her youngest son’s Monk Warrior bowl to create a culinary repast. There were neither eggs to coddle (nor sons either, as they had proceeded to university) nor meat to dredge and fry crispy brown. Succulent asparagus substituted. Quince, figs, and mangoes were minced and added to the rice—a sweet side. For family members who suffered from arthritis, eczema, or psoriasis, she formulated a sarsaparilla soda with honey.

The readers produced sporks and partook of the lucullan word-feast.

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