Step 1: Decide What to Ignore

Working as much as I can, I am still not getting everything done for my new job. Most people can’t do everything that needs to be done in their lives. In another confluence,
I found Prof Hacker’s What do you want to ignore? post in the CHE.

I found this particularly useful:

A to-ignore list clarifies in specific terms what it is that you do not want to spend your energy or attention on.

Bregman offers four questions to consider in drawing up your own to-ignore list:
What are you willing not to achieve?
What doesn’t make you happy?
What’s not important to you?
What gets in the way?

The crucial part of Bregman’s model is that he suggests you look over this list at least once a week and possibly every day. Just as you refer to your to-do list to select activities for a particular day, referring to your to-ignore list can help keep you on track, especially if some of those items you want to minimize in your schedule tend to take over.

In the comments, a summative question appears:
What will you KEEP doing, STOP doing, START doing? (Though I think it should read:
What will you STOP doing, KEEP doing, START doing?)

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