Taking My Own Advice

I have been taking my own advice on not burning out and have been primarily focusing on non-teaching/work related things.

Steampunk Costumes by Majoh at DeviantArt
I’ve been to two conventions for fun and dressed up at the second two days. Very exciting to build a costume.

I’ve become re-addicted to ebay, which is bad since I am not a millionaire. Thankfully I “lost” any mistakes I made so far.

I’ve read about twenty novels: science fiction, fantasy, and romance.

I’ve been pinning like crazy at Pinterest. Very fun.

Tonight I am going to dinner with friends and tomorrow I am going to visit my father.

So, what are you doing that is not work related this summer?

One thought on “Taking My Own Advice”

  1. Not a whole lot! I’m starting a freelance writing business, completing 6 graduate credits, plan to finish writing a book on Yoga, and creating a blog–I am however, doing organic gardening, creating a visualization collage, and falling in love again with my husband. So, I have no real complaints!

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