Postcard Poetry

I mentioned a way to jumpstart your creativity, 31 postcards with original poetry on them sent to 31 people.

I just got my list.

The final sign up day, officially, is July 25. I think it’s a great idea and hope that you will join us.

Since not everyone has signed up yet, some lists are not complete. So if you sign up now, I might get to send you a piece of original poetry.

I do not promise that what I send will be first rate, but I promise to send it. And just imagine the fun of opening your mailbox and receiving–not just bills and flyers, but a handwritten postcard with a piece of original poetry composed just for the purpose of sending it on to you!

Here’s a first shot at a first poem:
Postcards and poetry
really related?
Strangers staging stories
in writing and reading,
sharing shenanigans
for the fun of feasting
on a cornucopia of conversations.

Just because I really like the alliterative quality of OE verse.

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