Down and Dirty Details

I wrote yesterday about the experiences of folks in academia who have a PhD and do not immediately (or ever) find a full-time position in the academy.

I wrote about my experience and how it outweighs my recommendations to avoid a PhD as if it were a mosquito carrying malaria and West Nile virus.

However, I didn’t give anyone the down and dirty details. I summed it up quite quickly. So, that didn’t hurt too much, right?

You read it and decided to go get a PhD anyway, didn’t you?

Maybe you should stop and read something else. Here’s my newest recommendation.

A way too detailed look at my own job search process:
If you want to see what my job search process was like (overall), just click on the “Job Searching” category on the right hand side of the page. You can read 156 posts on the topic. There are more. I took notes on the colleges and universities and was a bit too frank, so those are private. But those 156 posts represent several years’ worth of pain, anguish, hard work, and success (and failures).

Maybe I should assign them as reading for the grad students in my classes?

If that’s insufficient, perhaps I could assign them the entirety of PhDComics?

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