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From past experience I know that I cannot blog about as much as I take notes over without folks feeling like I have given out their proprietary information. I had said I was going to write about this earlier this week or maybe even last week. But really, I don’t have a lot more to say right now.

This issue–of not blogging everything I noted– means that I need to go through the notes I took today at the Texas Medieval Association conference and delete enough to make everyone happy. That’s a little harder to decide on my own, but I think I have done it before enough that I know about what I can. However, I have to make sure I still leave enough so that readers get the feel of the presentation.

It is a small dilemma.

It’s less of a dilemma if I tell you that I typed my notes single-spaced and I have 47 pages of notes! You don’t want to know all that stuff, probably not even the interesting stuff in your area.

So I think I may go through a few of these and post them over the next week or so. If I have more time I may post on other things as well.

Overall it was a good conference. I like TEMA. It is a little more informal in attitude, though in dress it is more formal than other conferences I attend. I didn’t remember that. Guess I need to make another note on conference dress. … Didn’t I already mention the conferences I attend and the dress requirements? I will have to look that up.

Yes, I did make notes. TEMA wasn’t in there. But, looking at the notes, I think that TEMA is right in line with the other conferences. Business casual is the least to go with. Most people were more dressed up than that. I wore lower level business casual and I was the least dressy person there.

The other list, with most conferences I attend, is here. I am going to update it to include TEMA.

So, now on to tackle those 47 pages of notes.

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