TEMA: Robin Hood

Session 3B

Multi-faceted Robin Hood: The Medieval Outlaw in Sacred, Sartorial, Cinematic, and Political Contexts
Session Organizer and Chair: Dr. Lorraine Kochanske Stock
University of Houston

This was a session I needed to go to, since I had a graduate student presenting. Okay, technically she’s not my student now and she’s not my grad student, in that I am not helping her with her research agenda or whatever. But she is one of the students I have and her main professor was not able to attend due to surgery.

This is not my area of interest, though it is more popular culture, which is an area of interest.

But I went into the session pretty unclear on what they would be talking about.

Based on the title, what would you expect from this session?

Even though I have a good colleague who does Robin Hood studies, I wasn’t sure what this would look like. I figured I would see movies or movie clips. Other than that, I had no expectations.

Just like at our university (at least until I learned I could request a tech installation myself), the USB was problematic and difficult to get to. At one point, the entire computer was disconnected when they tried to upload the final PowerPoint.

They had to connect the chair’s laptop to the computer in order to make it work. But she did have a dondle so it was fixable. Huzzah for laptop backup!

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