Blogging with Students

I’ve been told it’s so “old news” (i.e., We won’t talk about it at conferences because it’s been done to death.) That is clearly not true not for everyone. I’ve done a lot of conference presentations encouraging blogging with students who are from poverty, because I think it gives them an opportunity to learn to use technology in a way that a future employer will appreciate. I also like to do it with all my students because they can interact across classroom boundaries.

Have you considered blogging with your students? This post has some good reasons why you should. If you were waiting to be convinced, read through them.

My favorite reason is the last one:

I’ve enjoyed blogging with my students for the past four years. So far I’m not doing it this year on my classroom blog because my uni gives us blogs and wants them to be private. However, I really prefer an open forum where others can (and sometimes do) interact with my students.

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