Turns out today is the #dayonwriting on Twitter.

So I wrote:

What I write: comments on student papers, explanations of my classes to administration, quiz questions, examples of brainstorming, essays, test answers, study question answers, emails to students, grade explanations.

Poetry: on my life, on Texas, on my town, on West Texas, on family, on academics, on reading.

Conference papers on Old English literature, technology in the classroom, and popular culture. Essays on the same.

Reviews of books in Old English through Renaissance British literature and of poetry chapbooks.

Chapters and book (one so far) on writing about literature for college and high school students.

This blog primarily aimed at others teaching English. Though it seems that most visitors are students doing character analysis. I do have college profs linking to the character analysis posts for their students!

Personal blog posts. Professionally related tweets. Emails for my job in various areas. Emails to keep up with distant friends. FB posts.

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