What Does a Week in the Life of an Academic Look Like?

I don’t think this is a typical week. I am not sure there is a typical week. But here is what my week has looked like.

Grading papers for return on Tuesday.
Meeting with HR about benefits issues/questions.
Meeting with librarian for resources for R&R.

Student appt at 8 am.
Teaching classes from 9:30-11, 1:30-4:20.
Professional development luncheon, learning a new application for the iPad.
Student appt at 4:30.

Student appts from 8-11.
Two lunch meetings. Attend one till 11:30 and then attend the second one, which will last till 1.
Grading for Thursday.
Student appts from 2-5.

Preparation for Thursday classes 8-9:15.
Teach from 9:30-11, 1:30-4:20.
Professional development luncheon from 11:30-1.

Which is our fall break day, so there are no classes. Staff are all on campus, however.
Meeting over IRB I am submitting at 10.
Begin grading the in-class essays from Thursday (40).

Every day isn’t crazy, but every day is usually full.

This semester my workload has been lighter because I taught only one new preparation.

Next semester I will technically have no new preparations, but I will have four different preparations and two of the classes are using totally different books and one of the classes is using a new edition of the book and the class needs an overhaul from how I did it last year. The fourth class I have been asked to change significantly in order to accommodate the undergraduate research projects. (I am not sure I will actually be able to do that, but we shall see.)

Really, right now, I am supposed to be writing on my dissertation -> book. So, I am going to stop this post now.

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