Fast and Furious: Students’ Attitudes towards Flipping

Casting Out Nines again:

I don’t want to jinx the experience by saying so, but so far, nobody in either of my two sections of the course has given any indication that the flipped model isn’t working for them. In fact, I gave a survey in the first week of class that included an item soliticing their concerns or questions about the flipped model…

And all the sample responses look good.

I have either sold the concept really well to these folks, or I just have a bunch of students who “get it”, or both. Either way I am very thankful!

To parallel the class this semester, I’m also conducting a research study across all five sections of this course that are currently running at GVSU to try and understand two things. First, how do student attitudes and strategies toward studying and doing independent work change over the course of taking this class? And second, do those attitudes and strategies change in a qualitatively or quantitatively different way for students in a flipped classrom versus a traditional classroom?

Very interesting idea (and a good plan).

They are attempting to move beyond consensus (on the professors’ parts towards anecdotal evidence) to actual numbers for proof (ironically what they are studying in the flipped math class).

In fact one of the big marks in the “con” column of the flipped classroom right now is the lack of systematic research on its effectiveness.

And the question of whether it is effective, period, also seems to need some proof, too.

Talbert is having students take the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire online. … Interesting. Should I have put that in my IRB, too? Maybe.

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