Since 2010 College Composition and Communication has featured one special issue a year: the first, commemorating the journal’s 60th anniversary, addressed the future of rhetoric and composition; the second, in 2011, focused on ethnic and indigenous rhetorics; the third, in 2012, is identifying and articulating research methodologies central to the field/discipline; and the fourth, in 2013, will speak to issues associated with the profession in two genres, articles and small-scope narratives.

In this context, we are pleased to announce the fifth special issue, to be published in 2014, focused on Locations of Writing.

I especially welcome two kinds of responses to this CFP.

The first is a proposal of 250 words for a full-length manuscript of addressing:

• Historical locations for writing classes
• Historical locations for other curricular writing activities (e.g. writing centers)
• Writing across different institutional locations: e.g., community college/four-year college, private/public, WAC, and WID
• Connections across sites of writing
• Historical locations for out-of-school writing events and activities
• Contemporary locations for out-of-school writing events and activities
• New locations for writing including programs and departments
• The relationship between writing locations and the profession
• The influence of location on curricular and pedagogical practices
• The role of locations in an era of mobile technology
• Student work on websites, portfolios, and other digital sites conceived of as locations
• Advantages, disadvantages, and opportunities linked to re-locating writing
• Location as metaphor: space, place, and geography as compatible and/or alternative metaphors
• Location as site of knowledge, especially regarding issues of difference
• Location and its relationship to faculty status
• Location as a metaphor for a career trajectory

This list, however, is not meant to be prescriptive—I welcome queries, ideas, and proposals.

The second response I welcome is a complete vignette or “small-scope narrative” of our lived experience in a given location in writing (limited to 1000 words). This must be complete at the time of submission and should be appropriately labeled.

Deadline for proposals and vignettes is Monday, January 7, 2013. No duplicate submissions, and please be sure to limit proposals to 250 words each and vignettes to 1000 words.

Read the rest at NCTE’s website.

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