South Central Modern Language Association

Call for Special Sessions – New Orleans, Louisiana

Theme: “Masking and Unmasking the Subject” – SCMLA 2013

The search for the authentic self or transcendental ego holds a privileged place in the history of literary theory, philosophy, and psychoanalytic theory. Literature, language, film, and art all provide tools for constructing vivid imagery of the subject and her façades. In New Orleans, the city of performance and masquerades, we will explore the following questions, among others: What are the social factors that participate in forming the subject’s masks? When are these masks in place and when do they fall away? Behind the mask, is there such a thing as an authentic self? How do race, religion, gender, sexuality, nationality, class, and education influence maskings and unmaskings? What particular use of the mask do we find in times of war, economic recession, political repression, and other modes of crisis vis-à-vis peaceful and prosperous contexts? Please join us for these discussions at our 70thannual conference at the beautifully restored historic Hotel Monteleone in the Heart of the French Quarter October 3-5. Papers for regular sessions and special sessions on all topics are welcome.



• Regular Session chairs may not deliver a paper in the session for which they serve. Session secretaries may deliver
a paper in the session for which they serve.
• No individual may deliver more than one paper or chair more than one session at any SCMLA meeting.
• Session chairs are responsible for notifying the SCMLA office in writing of any changes to their panels.
• Session calls can be found at


MARCH 31, 2013
Unless otherwise stated, papers or 500 word abstracts must be submitted to SESSION CHAIRS. Session Chairs, please note: Abstracts as well as papers are acceptable.

APRIL 30, 2013
Session programs submitted to Diana Hodges, Assistant Program Director via email at Paper titles must be included for publication in the convention program.

MAY 31, 2013
All participants must be SCMLA members for program listing and to ensure receipt of convention materials.



• To propose a Special Session, you must be an SCMLA member in good standing. Please keep the final proposal priority deadline (February 28, 2013) in mind when choosing a due date. Please note you may also submit proposals by email to
• Completed panels, whether or not they are listed in the Call for Papers, must be submitted on an SCMLA Special Session form by that date. This form will include a detailed description of your panelists’ papers. These proposal forms will be refereed by the SCMLA Program Committee. Proposers of Special Sessions accepted for New Orleans 2013 will be notified in March 2013.

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