Procrastination… Or Not Having Enough Time?

Last year I spent 16 hours a day working. I got everything I needed to get done finished. Some of it I didn’t get done on time, but it got done.

This year, I am working ten to twelve hour days. For some reason, I am not getting as much done.

I get my classes prepared.

I get the students’ papers graded and returned to them. Homework the next day; essays within a week.

But I don’t do a lot of other things.

The honor society brought in a poet. I spent two days with her, learned a lot, and didn’t get all my grading done. But I did it all on Sunday after she left.

The poet is the only thing the honor society has done and/or is doing this semester. I am not even having the officers come eat breakfast and clean up the street. My co-sponsor quit and the students aren’t gung ho about doing things, so I am not doing more.

I wrote two abstracts and one paper for this semester. Too bad the paper isn’t the one that is due next. (Guess what I am working on this weekend and week? Finishing that paper…)

For me writing a paper at the last minute for a conference is a change. I usually have the entire paper written before I submit–or at least written a solid month before the presentation… I still change it, but it is written. (Of course, if you have been reading here for a long time, you can probably name every other time I didn’t have the paper finished early, because I wrote about them here.)

Just to give you an idea, I have the paper for the October conference written already.

But not the one for the April conference.

I took most of today off from work and did a photography outing with a bunch of people from town. (It would have been really good if I had met more of them and remembered their names.) Then I spent several hours crashing my computer trying to get the pictures uploaded and saved. That’s done. They look good. I like a few of them quite well.

I still have grading tonight and I will get to that soon, even though it is already almost midnight.

However, you know how when you put something off because you don’t have time… and then you have some time, but you don’t want to do it because you’ve put it off for so long. That’s where I am on writing the paper. So I decided to post about it here.

I will come back and tell everyone when I get it finished.

That’s me trying to be accountable.

…So what am I doing with the four to six hours a day I am not working? I’m reading novels. Calling friends. Sleeping.

I hope that means that I will be able to keep teaching for a few decades. And it is very nice to be reading for fun again. (Even if I do have a novel I need to read that I borrowed from a student.)

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